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Revitalize Alameda Point – 50,000 to 60,000 New Vehicle Trips Per Day in Alameda’s West End

The City of Alameda’s own documents and studies provide evidence to support estimates of 50,000 to 60,000 new vehicle trips per day in Alameda’s West End as a result of SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative. If the FISC property ever gets built-out by Catellus, it will mean even more traffic.

Trip generation studies as reported in various City-commissioned documents over the years provide the evidence of the magnitude of the increase in vehicle trips that would result from these projects. We provide excerpts from those reports here.

The documents referenced include the following:

1. The 2002 Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Alameda Point General Plan amendment. This was the DEIR for the former plan for Alameda Point with Alameda Point Community Partners, based on under 2000 housing units.

“6,124 jobs and 1987 housing units would result in 29,297 daily vehicle trips.”

(Note: Reductions for Transportation System Management are not included according to the table.)

2. The 1999 DEIR for the Catellus FISC Master Plan

539 residential units, elementary school (600 students) and 1,300,000 sq ft of Office, R&D, Restaurant or 3,436 jobs, that is 21,247 vehicle trips per day (Note: Number of jobs/1000 sq ft. is 2.64 according to 2002 DEIR for Alameda Point.)

3. The 2006 DEIR for the Catellus FISC Master Plan for the amendment to change part of the commercial space to retail and residents.

300 residential units, 317,000 sq ft of shopping center, 2,500 sq ft of Fast Food, and 400,000 sq ft of commercial or 1056 jobs, that is 22,678 vehicle trips per day.

The current plan from SunCal, in their Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, more than doubles the number of homes at Alameda point over the 2002 plan for 1,987 homes. Our estimates are that the new plan will double the estimate of 29,297 trips in the former plan, to 58,594 vehicle trips per day, just from Alameda Point alone. It may be even more than that depending on the final actual land uses per site and mix of light industrial, commercial, live/work spaces and so on.

A more accurate picture of west-end vehicle traffic resulting from proposed developments would include traffic from development of the former Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC) just north of the Bayport subdivision. Catellus still has entitlements to the FISC property, which sits between Alameda Point and the Webster/Posey Tubes. When that project eventually is built-out, that would add another 22,678 estimated vehicle trips per day (vpd) to those from Alameda Point, totaling 81,272 new vpd from the two projects. Transportation management schemes will only be able to mitigate so many vehicle trips.

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