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Revitalize Alameda Point – Opposition Group Marches and Rallies Against SunCal Plan

This morning at 10:30am, a group of just over 100 people assembled at City Hall and marched from there, down Park St. to Jackson Park for a rally in opposition to SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative. The event was organized by

Marcher’s walked both sides of Park St. and Saturday morning drivers honked their horns in support. There was live music at both City Hall and Jackson Park to provide entertainment. Alameda resident Ash Jones, of Protect The Point emceed the rally at Jackson Park as a succession of speakers addressed the crowd on the various aspects of SunCal’s proposal, including traffic, financial impacts to the City, the initiative process itself, and alternate development plans for Alameda Point.

Live Band at Alameda City Hall

Protect the Point March and Rally

Protect the Point March and Rally

Protect The Point March

Protect The Point March and Rally

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