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San Francisco Developer Sues SunCal-Lehman Brothers Partnership over Sacramento Property

The reverberations from Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy continue for SunCal, the named master developer for Alameda Point and sponsor of the “citizens” ballot initiative “Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative.” The Sacramento Business Journal is reporting San Francisco-based Merlone Geier Partners LP is suing a Lehman-SunCal partnership over the 800-acre Delta Shores property in Sacramento.

SunCal, who will Peter Calthorpe, profess a need for high-density transit-oriented development at Alameda Point to prevent urban sprawl, were planning for “650 acres of residential with 150 acres of freeway-oriented and neighborhood commercial.” development at Delta Shores, according to this 2005 announcement. This UC Davis website containing resources for Environmental Impact Analysis notes:

The Delta Shores Project area is located within the city limits of Sacramento, and is on one of the last major non-residential, non-commercial, and non-industrial pieces of land. The area is approximately 926 acres and is planned to be converted into housing, commercial, and recreational zones. The area is currently either agricultural or undeveloped land use.


The Delta Shores will contain approximately 4600 -5300 residential homes and two multiple-use commercial/retail developments. The construction of the project will result in an estimated 15,000 additional residents to the city of Sacramento. The increase in population and new development where none has been previously will require substantial resources and thus may negatively impact the environment.

The Sacramento Business Journal also notes that there was a $95 million Interstate 5 interchange planned to support Delta Shores. That suit has been delayed over compliance with environmental laws.

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