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Revitalize Alameda Point – Protect The Point Issues Statement on SunCal Decision

In response to SunCal’s decision not to submit for the November ballot the signatures they have gathered for their Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, we received this statement (below) from Protect The Point.

Protect the Point’s Statement on SunCal’s Decision To Not Submit Signatures November Ballot Measure.

Alameda— No matter the spin from the developer and the supporters of this initiative the facts are, that facing potential legal challenges and staunch, organized community opposition SunCal decided against engaging in an expensive and uncertain campaign.

The SunCal proposal is the wrong plan for Alameda Point and our community. It is too costly for our City and too risky for the residents of Alameda. We remain committed in our opposition to this proposal and will use every tactic available to protect Alameda Point, our communities and our City.

Because these signatures were gathered for a regularly scheduled election, SunCal would need to start over to call an “early 2010 election” as they stated in their press release. The next possible election after November without gathering signatures to call a special election is June 2010.

Protect the Point, while representing many views on the future of development in Alameda, the group is united in its opposition to the SunCal plan for Alameda Point.

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