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Program of Academic Exchange Introduces Latest Exchange Student Candidate

PAX – Program of Academic Exchange is a non-profit educational organization that promotes and arranges international student exchange. They have a 16 year-old male exchange student from Ethiopia looking for an exchange home in Alameda.

From PAX:

Abduleazez is the very first recipient of the Hawkins Scholarship awarded by PAX, in memory of Byron Hawkins, a beloved PAX Community Coordinator. A bright teen, Abduleazez is considered an excellent candidate by his teacher who notes that this is a boy who “will be successful.” Abduleazez believes that children can “change the future” and he hopes his stay in the U.S. will teach him what he can do to help develop his own country. His career aspirations are in the field of sociology, “a means to help resolve problems in society.” Outside of school, Abduleazez enjoys playing different sports, especially soccer. At home, he assists with chores and is also responsible for teaching his brothers “moral and social living” skills. Abduleazez promises to be a “responsible member of your family.”

Abduleazez has 11 years of English-language proficiency and equivalency to a 12th grade education in the U.S., with a GPA of “A” Abduleazez is interested in tennis, soccer, basketball, reading, volleyball, cooking and running.

If you would like to host Abduleazez, or other exchange students, please contact PAX directly.

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