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Alameda Firefighters Call for Chief David Kapler’s Resignation

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Alameda Firefighters announced a “no-confidence” vote on Alameda’s Fire Chief David Kapler and issued a call for his resignation.

IAFF Local 689 President Domenick Weaver stood at the podium before Alameda City Council and read a lengthy statement into the record, reporting the injuries sustained by two firefighters over the weekend, and voicing the firefighters complaints about Chief Kapler:

“Chief Kapler has compromised trust within the organization [Alameda Fire Department] and with the community. He declared that no stations would be closed due to brownouts, and now Station 5 is closed.”

Mr. Weaver called for the immediate resignation of Chief Kapler. He also told us that the “no-confidence” vote is a formal exercise within the mandate of the firefighters union local.

Alameda Firefighter Jeff DelBono told Alameda City Council that on the weekend, when the Bay Farm Island fire on Inverness occurred, it took both his ambulance unit, which was delivering a patient from an un-related call to Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, and an Oakland-based, reciprocal-response American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance unit, approximately 20 minutes to reach the Bay Farm Island fire site. Mr. DelBono asserted that his unit, although initially behind the AMR unit, beat the AMR unit to the scene to respond to the injuries sustained by Alameda Fire Captain Rick Murray.

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