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Federal Funds Exist for a Science and Technology Park at Alameda Point

Some have criticized the alternate plan for Alameda Point from Save Our City! Alameda for lacking specifics on where the money will come from to spark a new generation of green technology companies at Alameda Point. But a federal loan for electric car maker Tesla Motors validates the plan and demonstrates how it can work.

The Energy Department announced a $465 million loan for Tesla Motors to ramp up production of their electric car. Tesla’s announced strategy is to prove out their technology by producing high-end roadsters for the luxury market, and slowly work their way down production cars that the masses can afford. Tesla is a great example of a green tech company that could fit in at Alameda Point, and the money is part of a $25 billion loan fund from the federal government.

If only Alameda City Council would get off the stumbling horse that is SunCal and get on track with an adaptive re-use plan for Alameda Point that focuses on cleantech, green technology and job creation.

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