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So Goes the Bayview-Hunters Point Shipyard, So Goes Alameda Point?

Reference developments that give a peek at the future for Alameda Point abound in the Bay area, once home to a large number of U.S. Navy and U.S. Army bases. Almost directly across the Bay from Alameda Point is the former Hunters Point shipyard, and an opinion piece in this week’s SF Bay Guardian speaks to the “toxic relationship” between the City of San Francisco, and Lennar Urban, to redevelop the land. Lennar was at one time a contender for master developer status for Alameda Point.

The article notes that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) levied over $500,000 in fines against Lennar in 2008 for violations in dealing with contaminants on the ground at the project site. Lennar is also back-pedaling on promises to provide 32% of the housing as “affordable” – pushing the responsibility back to the City of San Francisco. Here in Alameda, we understand that SunCal is pushing back on the 25% requirement for affordable housing for Alameda Point, trying to get that number down to 15%, and that they are negotiating with Renewed Hope and Arc Ecology to bypass the 25% requirement codified in a settlement agreement over a lawsuit against the City of Alameda in 2000.

We encourage Alameda residents to keep a close eye on these other developments to gain insight into how events at Alameda Point will – and already are – play out.

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