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California Redevelopment Agency Cheering on Legislative Opponents to Using Property Tax Money To Fund Schools

We encourage you to check in regularly with the California Redevelopment Agency over the next few weeks of the state budget crisis as the Sacramento lobby group of builders, developers and contractors cheer on opponents of a state legislative effort to transfer local property tax dollars designated for developer subsidies to our floundering K-12 education system.

The updates are listed under “Hot Topics” on the lobby group’s home page. Last year, the State attempted to transfer $350 million of local property taxes held by redevelopment agencies across the state into the Education Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF). The California Redevelopment Agency sued the state (CRA v. Genest) to keep the money planned for developer subsidies from going to our schools.

Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny and Assembly Member Noreen Evans have introduced a new bill to conform with the ruling of CRA v. Genest and which will transfer $350 million each year of the next three years to our K-12 education system. But the CRA has teamed up with the League of California Cities to oppose these efforts and jeer any legislatures who support the use of property taxes for education over developer subsidies.

Incidentally, Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam has been active with the League of California Cities to oppose this transfer of property taxes to the school system.

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