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Alameda Finally Joins East Bay Green Corridor Partnership

We have been admonishing the City of Alameda for some time now to get into the East Bay Green Corridor partnership through our blog posts (and here…) and our 2007 “Greening Alameda Point” whitepaper. Er…. “greenpaper…” Finally, it seems like they have.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Alameda has – finally – joined the East Bay Green Corridor partnership. This comes on the heels of the federal Energy Department’s announcement of $465 million in loans for electric car maker, and Bay area native, Tesla Motors. The article reports:

The East Bay Green Corridor, which held its second annual summit on Friday in Oakland, said it has attracted more than $76 million in federal stimulus funds for research, job training, weatherization and other environmentally themed projects.

In addition, seven other public entities have joined the consortium: El Cerrito, San Leandro, Albany, Alameda, Cal State East Bay, Peralta Community Colleges and Contra Costa Community Colleges.

With SunCal stumbling, perhaps Alameda’s civic leaders have finally clued-in to the potential to create much-needed green-collar jobs at Alameda through adaptive re-use of the existing buildings at Alameda Point. Such an effort could even-out the oh-so-important jobs/housing imbalance that currently exists in Alameda and which forces 70% of our job force to leave the island for work each morning. Perhaps the City of Alameda has finally caught up with Save Our City! Alameda’s Alternate Development Plan for Alameda Point.

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