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You Can’t Tell the Players Without a Program

Correction: An eagle-eyed reader with a good memory reminded us that when SunCal brought D.E. Shaw into the project last year, they shifted interest in the project from SCC Alameda Point LLC to Cal Land Venture, LLC, of which D.E. Shaw is a partner.

Confused about the various players and actors in the Alameda Point redevelopment effort? Here’s a handy program guide.

SunCal Companies: The name of the master company with master development status with the City of Alameda to redevelop Alameda Point.

SCC Alameda Point LLC: Basically a subsidiary of SunCal Companies. A special-purpose legal entity that actually controls the redevelopment of Alameda Point.

Revitalize Alameda Point: A “citizen” front group for SunCal to push through their ballot initiative under the guise of impetus from the community.

Singer Assciates, Inc.: The public relations group hired by Revitalize Alameda Point…er… SunCal.

Larry Tramutola: Oakland-based political consultant hired by SunCal to help steer the initiative past voters.

Doug Linney: Your Alameda East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) member, strategic adviser to HOMES, former board of directors member for HOMES, and contract consultant to SunCal for the initiative.

Doug Linney is a consultant to SunCal.

Doug Linney is a consultant to SunCal.

1 comment to You Can’t Tell the Players Without a Program

  • barb


    SUNCAL COMPANIES does not show up at the Calif Secretary of State business portal.

    CAL LAND VENTURE LLC and SCC Alamde Point LLC, are Delaware corporations despite their names. Just as “SUNCAL” took advantage of making its “ROBO” calls in a state that permitted such things when California law does not, (did Mayor Johnson fly out of state to make the call- OR WAS IT “MADE IN CALIFORNIA”?) these land ventures have chosen to use the less strict corporate and tax laws from the State of Delaware instead of laws where they purport to derive their names- CAL or California or Alameda Point.

    Linney is SUNCAL’s agent, not my elected representative. He cannot serve two masters and anyone who can delude himself into thinking he can puts his judgement in question.

    It is wise when dealing with the above to believe not what they say, but what they do.