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Revitalize Alameda Point – U.S. Navy Statement on Cleanup of Alameda Point

Yes, we know, this letter was covered by The Island already, but we had a slightly different take on it.

We’re guessing that the U.S. Navy felt it necessary to issue a public statement about their ongoing cleanup at Alameda Point in response to the statements made by SunCal’s paid signature gatherers during the ballot initiative qualification process.

Readers may remember that we received numerous reports of SunCal’s paid signature gatherers telling voters that “The Navy isn’t cleaning up Alameda Point, so we need to do it with this ballot initiative” and variations on that theme. Word must have got back to the Navy about how their would-be business partner, SunCal, was dissing them behind their back, hence the assertions in the public statement:

The Department of the Navy (DON) is the lead agency responsible for conducting environmental investigations and remediation of hazardous substances and petroleum products at the former NAS Alameda. Since 1999, this cleanup effort has being conducted under a Federal Facilities Agreement that provides for oversight from the U.S. EPA (the lead regulatory agency), the California EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control, and the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). The Navy and regulatory agencies are committed to involving the public in the cleanup process.


The DON [Department of the Navy] remains committed to the timely remediation of the NAS Alameda property and will complete all necessary remedial actions to support successful redevelopment of this former Naval installation.

And SunCal wonders why they can’t get a better deal from the Navy on the transfer of the land.

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