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Alameda Point Info Website Launched to Cover SunCal Ballot Initiative

An informal group of Alameda residents has put together a website that examines the SunCal ballot initiative and Alameda Point.

The purpose of the site is to help the public become better informed about both the SunCal ballot initiative and the issues related to the development of Alameda Point. We attempt to shine a light on the details not covered by SunCal’s campaign literature.

The site includes news stories, documents, frequently asked questions, a point-counterpoint section, project uncertainties, a SunCal problem map, and an image gallery.

The website will be a dynamic and regularly updated information source as the debate over the future of Alameda Point continues.

[Editor Note: is un-affiliated with Action Alameda.]

1 comment to Alameda Point Info Website Launched to Cover SunCal Ballot Initiative

  • Detailer

    When faced with an unfavorable ballot measure, another thing community activists can do is write FOCUSED letters to the editor of local newspapers, taking one issue (e.g. dollar cap on exactions) and then explaining the issue in plain terms with the appropriate conclusion: this issue is bad for the residents and taxpapers and vote no.

    In past initiatives we’ve found that the letters get the attention of people who would otherwise not read campaign mailers.