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Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Fails San Juan Capistrano

A recent business trend is the idea of “mass customization” – it basically means churning out on a mass scale with low costs some sort of product with a high degree of individuality or customization to users’ needs. Readers have likely seen the TV commercials for Dell computers where the bedazzled computer user goes to the factor and sees Dell build into his computer all the specific parts for his needs – high-end video for gaming, etc. SunCal has mastered mass customization too, and applied it to Alameda Point, and pretty much all the other failed projects they have in their portfolio.

Witness San Juan Capistrano – SunCal promised a pool, a community center and a new school. Sound familiar? How to pay for all of this? Oh, well, we’ll issue bonds, and the new residents will pay those bonds back through a Mello-Roos property tax that applies just to their specific homes. Sound familiar? SunCal is “mass customizing” their developments, issuing the same promises of community centers, sports complexes, elementary schools, fire houses, etc. etc. in project after project all up and down California. The projects are pretty much cookie-cutter and are just tweaked a little according to the locals they need to get support from.

But then the SunCal project fails – like in San Juan Capistrano – leaving residents paying taxes for amenities that aren’t there. According to this Orange County register article, residents of SunCal’s halted Pacifica San Juan development live in a partially completed neighborhood – only 60 of a planned 400 homes are complete – and homeowners pay more than $7,000 per year each for the promised pool, community center and elementary school that SunCal never delivered.

2 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Fails San Juan Capistrano

  • barb

    This article and its link, should be required reading for Mayor Johnson, Councilmembers Tam, Mataresse, Gilmore and DeHaan, City Manager and City Attorney. This can happen here,too. Our City and all its taxpayers will be the ones left footing the bill for all the promised “REGIONAL” benefits inlcuding a transit hub, Sports Complex etc.

    That’s the law. The few who get sucked into buying SUNCAL homes will only have to pay for their direct benefits like the school. The remainder of failed promises will be paid for by current taxpayers.

    How can a company ring up 27 bankruptcies and ANYONE in their right mind believe SUNCAL gives a crud as to whether or not Alameda becomes number 28?

  • barb

    Clarification: The ones who get sucked up into buying homes will have to pay for the school(s) and their share of the costs of the regional benefits as well.