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Revitalize Alameda Point – Site Sale Ends Condo Plans Near Mouseland

The Orange County Business Journal is reporting that the sale of a motor home park in Anaheim effectively ends a controversy with SunCal over a house project near Disneyland.

According to the story, Parc Anaheim was to have 449 homes and two 10-story towers, plus retail and office space. The motor home park was part of a long-running three-way controversy between SunCal, Disney and the City of Anaheim over plans to build 1,500 homes, including the the 449 on the park, in the Resort Area around Disneyland.

The fight involved competing ballot initiatives and referendums from both sides, and it has earned it’s own section on the Anaheim Wikipedia web page. According to the Wikipedia entry, SunCal defaulted on payment for property tied to the project in 2007, and stopped funding their legal battles tied to the project. (See source citations in the Wikipedia article.)

Alameda residents await SunCal’s next move regarding their own local ballot initiative, the Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, which SunCal has deferred until early 2010, possibly in March.

1 comment to Revitalize Alameda Point – Site Sale Ends Condo Plans Near Mouseland

  • The more I read about SunCal, the less I want them messing about with our town. Such nasty, win-at-any-cost tactics. They give me the creeps. Thanks for staying on top of this.