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City of Alameda Budget Likely to Take a Big Hit From State Budget

With the Sacramento Bee reporting that the State budget deal will involve borrowing $4.7 billion from cities, counties and special districts, it’s likely that the impact on Alameda’s general fund will be twice what was previously anticipated.

Back in May, we reported that the State of California was looking to borrow around $2 billion from California cities, and that would translate to roughly $2.4 million from Alameda’s general fund. With the total borrowing by the State roughly doubled, the amount Alameda will have to come up with will no doubt increase.

But don’t blame the State of California – blame Alameda City Council, who let previous City Manager Debra Kurita steadily run the City’s financial reserves down to zero. The City of Citrus Heights, just outside of Sacramento, has a $35 million surplus which City Manager Henry Tingle attributes to “common sense.”

We’re looking forward to Alameda Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant’s discussion with City Council tonight about how much money will come from the general fund, and how she will backfill it.We sympathize with the difficult position Gallant is in, but again, blame Alameda City Council for years of financial mis-management that leave the City of Alameda with no financial cusion.

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