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Uproar Over Online-Only Nature of AUSD Survey; $1 million Check for AUSD Never Cashed?

Readers are writing to express their concern over the nature of the current AUSD Survey on the Financial Master Plan. As it is being conducted online, and no paper copies being distributed to non-computer owners, it may not be an honest sample of Alameda residents. But AUSD Board President Mike McMahon says that nothing can be done.

In an email exchange between a reader and Mike McMahon, which was forwarded to us, and which we reference here with the permission of our reader, McMahon writes “Unfortunately, there is no simple [way] to translate online surveys into hard copy for distribution. Sorry.”

Here are some ideas for the AUSD board to translate the online survey into hard copy:

1) Go to the survey page, and print the survey out. Then photocopy it and attach it to clipboards. Surely AUSD can get some volunteers to stand on a street corner and ask people to tick the boxes on the survey.

2) Print the survey in the Alameda Sun and Alameda Journal – perhaps either or both papers would provide free space or at a reduced price for the district to distribute the survey.

3) Print out and distribute this file, which we created in 5 minutes from the online survey. Actually, you might want to do this yourself for any Alameda voters and residents you know who are not online and cannot respond to the survey online.

Also, we have an unconfirmed report that the check for $1 million in redevelopment funds last year, payable from the City of Alameda to AUSD, and intended for the District Capital Outlay Fund was never cashed. We have queries into AUSD pending, to confirm or refute that report, and provide a copy of the canceled check.

4 comments to Uproar Over Online-Only Nature of AUSD Survey; $1 million Check for AUSD Never Cashed?

  • Ths online survey you are referring is NOT an AUSD survey. It is my personal work and my attempt to gather infromation. I appreciate your coverage of this issue as I noticed a spike in individuals completing the survey today.

  • Glad to help. Now what about that $1 million check for the District Capital Outlay Fund? Was it ever picked-up from the City? Was it deposited? Was it cashed? We have good sources telling us it wasn’t.

    Mike, it was you who sent us scanned images of the check.

  • Staff has sent you a rsesponse regarding the check from the city of Alameda. Since we are not the issuer of the check we do not have a copy of it being cancelled. It has been deposited with the Alameda County treasurer is reflected on the AUSD books as of 6/30/09.

  • Thanks. Separately, the City of Alameda sent a copy of the cancelled check, which was hard to read, but seemed to have a deposit of 11/16/2008 on it, which jives with the material AUSD staff sent showing a deposit date of 11/20/2008. Note that sources told us originally that AUSD had to be called several times to come pick up the check, which had an issue date of 10/23/2008. You’ll forgive us if, because of the cozy nature between various past and present AUSD board members and City Council and the redevelopment association (Leslie Little is on the board of directors), if we feared that AUSD agreed to just sit on the check and leave the cash in the hands of the redevelopment services department of the city of Alameda.