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Winemaker Returns to Alameda After a Four-vintage Hiatus

As an example of the existing uses at Alameda Point that could be nurtured and expanded upon, see this article in the about an Alameda winemaker that has come back to Alameda Point.

Some excerpts:

In August, Matt Smith of Blacksmith Cellars will move his boutique winemaking operation back to Alameda, sharing space with other small-lot wine producers in the 40,000 square-foot converted airplane hangar leased by the Rock Wall Wine Company, which is operated by Shauna Rosenblum, the daughter of Kent, who previously founded Rosenblum Cellars, also in Alameda. Rosenblum Cellars was sold to Diageo Beverages in January of 2008.

It doesn’t stop there – Matt Smith’s brother Dave, at 29, eight years his junior, followed Matt into winemaking after graduating with an English degree, and is now the head distiller at St George Sprits/Hangar One Vodka, also located at Alameda Point, just four hangars down from the Rock Wall Wine Company. With his brother, wife and two children all now participating in winemaking and distilled spirits, Matt Smith concedes that both family and Alameda legacies may be in the making.

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