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Climate Report Suggests Not to Develop on Flood Plains Like Alameda Point

Dear Editor,

On August 3, the California Natural Resources Agency, along with several other agencies, posted a report entitled “2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy Discussion Draft” on the web at: In the report, communities like Alameda are urged to slow or even halt future development in flood plains like the Naval Air Station (Alameda Point). Instead, local governments are encouraged to create large reserves that protect wetlands and wildlife in those locations.

The report underscores issues raised by those who’ve opposed the SunCal initiative. Those who’ve supported SunCal may reconsider their positions in light of this report. A wetlands reserve would be more in keeping with Alamedan’s current concerns about flooding, water supply, crowding and traffic, and burdens on Alameda’s budget and infrastructure.

– Mary Fetherolf, Alameda

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