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Doug Linney’s EBMUD Statement of Economic Interests Doesn’t Include SunCal

Today EBMUD’s administrative offices faxed us Schedule A-2 from Doug Linney’s FPPC Form 700, which discloses his economic interests, including that in his political consulting firm The Next Generation. SunCal isn’t listed.

The form, filed April 1, 2009, lists “The Next Generation” and its Franklin Street, Oakland address, and estimates the fair market value of his investment at between $10,001 and $100,000. The payouts from SunCal alone to The Next Generation for the first six months of 2009 total over $33,000, according to SunCal’s filings. At that pace, Linney’s firm stands to pull in $66,000 from SunCal for the year.

Linney’s list of “Each Reportable Single Source of Income of $10,000 or More” is provided as an attachment to the schedule and presumably is based on calendar year 2008 clients, because the header at the top has that year. Here is the list:

Coalition for Effective Government
Ryan Gilbert for City Council
Kaplan for Oakland
Lan Nguyen for City Council
Yes for Parks 2008
Seifert for Supervisor
Dennis Hayashi for Judge
Kriss Worthington
The Regneration Project
California Capitol Group

According to SunCal’s filings, they didn’t make their first payment to The Next Generation Group until April 23, 2009. So SunCal wasn’t a client of Linney’s during the year 2008. But as of his April 1, 2009 filing date, Linney surely was already working with SunCal – only 22 days passed between the filing date and the payment to Linney of $9,975. Linney declined to include reference to SunCal in his April 1, 2009 filing, and apparently even after being contacted by the East Bay Express in late May, in time for a June 3 article mentioning his relationship with SunCal, didn’t think it necessary to file an addendum to his April 1, 2009 filing, identifying SunCal as a client.

We think it behooves Linney to file with the FPPC an addendum noting his high-paying relationship with SunCal. He owes it to Alameda residents, voters and EBMUD customers.

SunCal's $66,000/year EBMUD Director, Doug Linney

SunCal's $66,000/year EBMUD Director, Doug Linney

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