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Revitalize Alameda Point – The Fine Print on SunCal’s Filing Forms

Kudos to Michele Ellson for pulling out her magnifying glass to go over some of the fine print in SunCal’s campaign filing forms. We didn’t catch some ultra-small type on some of the expenditure line items – and our eyes are still hurting now from squinting to read it – that identified Singer Associates in San Francisco as the payee for $7,875 worth of “media consulting services” and Doug Linney – Linney is your representative on the board of East Bay Municipal Utility District – and his firm “The Next Generation” as the payee for over $33,000 worth of “public relations services” during the first-half of 2009.

3 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – The Fine Print on SunCal’s Filing Forms

  • barb

    NO! NO! NO! Linney is not our or my respresentative. He has been bought or at least rented, by SUNCAL.

  • Detailer

    Michele Ellson also dug out the name of the lawyers who allegedly wrote the over-reaching, presumptuous, obnoxious ballot measures. She said “The attorneys who drafted the initiative petition, Peter Bagatelos and Barry Fadem, got another $32,840.”

    The State Bar of California currently lists Mr. Bagatelos as a San Francisco attorney and Mr. Fadem as a Lafayette, CA attorney. Apparently they used to be partners, although the State Bar’s records do not indicate that they are now.

    The only reported California Court of Appeal decision in which they participated is Hayward Area Planning Ass’n v. Superior Court, 218 Cal. App. 3d 53 (1990).

    It would be interesting for the people of Alameda to explore who these guys are, in terms of clients other than SunCal.

    If SunCal really did pay only $32,840 for the ballot measures to be written, SunCal got a lot bank for their buck, compared with the price per hour major Bay Area law firms charge for land use law work. I would have expected a much higher charge for such a detailed pro-developer initiative, with its devious twists and turns in every paragraph.

  • barb

    Only a lot a bang for the buck if it stands up in court. Promising regional improvements such as a transit hub, and recreation center, and drawing on only Alameda Point properties to pay for those improvements, while ignoring the settlement ageement between Oakland Chinatown and the City of Alameda were not good ideas. Might have bought just a lot of fizzle and pop, or bubble and squeak.

    Right now, SUNCAL’s forces are sitting back, reeling in the opposition to their planned ripoff, and trying to ride it out. Waiting til the voters calm down. Doing survey’s etc, in home sales pitches to try and turn the tide. They will postphone placing the initiative on the ballot – or get their council to place a corrected version on the ballot – only when their sources say they have a chance. If ever.

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