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$1 Million AUSD Redevelopment Funds Check Issued 10/23/08, Paid 11/20/08

We’ve received documentation from both the City of Alameda and AUSD regarding the check for over $1 million of local redevelopment agency (i.e. developer subsidy) funds that was transferred from the City of Alameda to the Alameda Unified School District last year.

The check, representing $1,032,198.51 of Alameda property tax revenues destined for AUSD’s District Capital Outlay fund, but held by the City of Alameda, was issued, after an investigation and publication of the matter by Action Alameda News on October 23, 2008. A few weeks back, sources told us that “the check was never picked-up and cashed” and is now stale-dated. Sources later corrected this to “AUSD took forever to pick up the check.”

Readers will forgive us if, because of the cozy nature between various past and present AUSD board members and redevelopment-friendly City Council members (e.g. Lena Tam) and the California Redevelopment Association (Alameda Development Services Director Leslie Little is on the board of directors), if we feared that AUSD quietly agreed to just sit on the check and leave the cash in the hands of the development services department of the city of Alameda.

The material we received – a copy of the cancelled check and AUSD’s transaction journal – suggest the check was cashed on or about November 16, 2008 (it’s difficult to read the scanned image) and credit to AUSD’s books on November 20, 2008, or roughly 27 days after it was issued.

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