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Alameda Parents File Suit Against AUSD Over LGBT Curriculum

The Pacific Justice Institute announced yesterday that a group of Alameda parents have filed a lawsuit against the Alameda Unified School District over refusals by the district to let their children opt-out of the “Lesson 9” LGBT Curriculum.

On their website, the institute tells readers “The Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties.”

An excerpt from the release follows:

Today, staff attorneys for Pacific Justice Institute filed suit in Alameda Superior Court, seeking enforcement of opt-out provisions in the California Education Code. Kevin Snider, PJI Chief Counsel, commented, “Alameda parents believe all children deserve safe schools. Parents do not support LGBT indoctrination that fails to address the main causes of bullying and harassment in the District and intentionally omits children belonging to the other five protected classes,” Snider stated, referring to race and ethnicity, gender, disability, nationality and religion. “It is their right to remove their children from this highly controversial program, and we intend to vigorously defend that right,” he continued.

2 comments to Alameda Parents File Suit Against AUSD Over LGBT Curriculum

  • Mrs. Hunter

    I do not support the LGBT lessons only because as others said it is not satisfactory in addressing many other issues of bullying and discrimination that occur in our schools. As a former Alameda resident with children were and are still all brought up in Alameda schools I am astounded that this would pass. We are a very family oriented environment, enough so that we should be able to sit down and talk about these issues without making them mandatory fodder for our young children’s minds. We are the first teachers of our children as it has been said. I do believe that The AUSD did this simply as a “CYA” tactic against further suits to say “see, we did our part, it’s the parents who are at fault” as they wash there hands. As “liberal” as Alameda is, if we cannot pray in school or wear Halloween costumes, then we shouldn’t be talking about LGBT issues. I remember the year my son came home with a letter that said “no dressing for Halloween” I was crushed for him and thought how idiotic that religion people are offended by this. If religion means that much to you then practice it as you wish but don’t deprive my children of the joy of Halloween parties and playground parades. It marked the end of an era and tradition that many held dear. It wasn’t lynching or torture, it was Halloween. But I digress. So with this KGBT issue I say if you live that lifestyle, fine and to each his own, just don’t shove it down my kids’ throats. This all is hysterically funny and ironic in a political climate seeking to soothe a sore spot because California, which is supposed to be the freest, gay utopia, said no we’re bullied into “seeing” that population. When parents are so vindictive that they won’t let the President tell their children to be something but half of them aren’t doing it either. We did it because we feel that people should be able to do what they want in their lives, save harm others but we don’t want it shoved down our throats! I love everyone but I can’t stand a bully!

  • Diana

    As a straight person, I strongly believe the Board acted responsively and responsibly to offer age-appropriate education to reduce bullying.

    In response to those who cry “single subgroup,” I suggest you talk with the teachers and review the materials. The teachers say they already know how to deal with racism and sexism; they’ve asked for help on how to address the issues surrounding children who are suffering bullying for having same-sex parents (as early as kindergarten with one girl who by 1st grade had been harassed three times). The materials teach fairness, not only for families with same-sex parents, but for others as well, including those with grandparents and adopted children.

    Early education may help prevent not only bullying (specifically and in general), but also prevent the deaths of high-risk LBGT students (from suicide or assault). Check your facts and support the saving of lives.

    Standing on the side of love, justice and community.

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