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Sustainable Raised-bed Gardening at Alameda Point

Another example of good, existing uses at Alameda Point that could be expanded upon – an article in on raised-bed gardening at Rock Wall Winery, with the harvest going to a local restaurant.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Creekmore and Safari told me that the garden was the brainchild of Kent Rosenblum, fellow-investor Bill Williford and Saboor himself. Rock Wall has plenty of vacant, flat, former-airport tarmac around the hangar they lease at Alameda Point and it seemed like a good use of the space. Other fellow Angela’s investors volunteer their time, and spare parts (see below) to maintain the garden.

The contaminants in the ground from decades of Navy use, and the acres of concrete apron preclude them from directly planting a garden in the ground, so they are re-using “macrobins” – containers used to hold the grapes after harvest – for raised-bed gardening. They acquire older fiberglass and wooden bins from growers and wine-makers that would otherwise be thrown out, and for nine months of the year, Rock Wall’s own “good” bins are idle, waiting for harvest season, so those bins are put to work in the garden too.

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