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Revitalize Alameda Point – Another Example of Sustainable Light Industry we Should Encourage at Alameda Point

Today, National Public Radio aired a story on wind power, and in the story interviewed Mike Hess, the CEO of Reno, Nevada’s Mariah Power. Sustainable energy light-industrial companies such as Mariah Power are just what we should be luring to Alameda Point, rather than building 5,000 houses.

Mariah Power builds urban “small-wind” turbines that municipalities might affix to streetpoles, to use wind power to generate electricity for street lights. Adobe Systems, the software company (you’ve probably used Adobe Reader many times to read files on the Internet), is installing 20 turbines on the roof of a building they occupy in San Jose.

And Mariah just received $3.2 million in federal stimulus money to help fund production and create jobs – a model for how other sustainable energy research companies located at Alameda Point might get off the ground.

According to the NPR story, “The American Wind Energy Association says more than 10,000 small turbines were sold in the U.S. last year. And they’re projecting exponential growth in years to come.” We need that exponential growth at Alameda Point more than we need the houses.

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