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1913 Sherman St. Finally Becomes A Part Of The Neighborhood

By Erica Madison

After a month of discussions between the city and the property owners, 1913 Sherman Street will finally become rezoned as a two-family residence district.

Although it’s currently a storage facility, 1913 Sherman Street is one of seven parcels that’s been approved to be rezoned as a two-family residence planned development district. This rezoning is part of the City of Alameda’s plan to rezone streets for additional housing developments. The rezoning includes: 1590 /1616 Fortmann Way, 2015/2025 Grand St, 2201/2189/ 2100 Clement Ave., and 1924 Willow St.

The rezoning is part of the city’s plan to update the Housing Element of the General Plan for the 2007-2014 planning period. The housing element has identified these parcels as places suitable for housing development.

1913 Sherman St. is currently a manufacturing planned development district. But in 2007 the Northern Waterfront General planned amendment, suggested the property be rezoned to a two-family residence district, so it could become apart of the adjacent neighborhood that shares similar residences.

Although the Planning Board approved of the resolution during a meeting on July 13, 2009, the owners of 1913 Sherman Street hired Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP, to represent them in formally requesting the Planning Board postpone approving the rezoning of their property. The letter stated the attorney wanted more time to look over the proposal, because he believed there were important matters being over looked.

Fortunately, the owners requested in an e-mail through their lawyer to planning manager Andrew Thomas, they would like to withdraw their objections. They did not provide a reason why.

On Monday Aug., 24 2009, with no further objections the Planning Board approved the rezoning of 1.9 acres of 1913 Sherman Street.

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