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Revitalize Alameda Point – Another Misleading SunCal Telephone Survey in Progress

Reports are streaming into the Action Alameda News desk this afternoon of another telephone survey of Alameda voters, conducted by EMC Research, presumably on behalf of SunCal. “The questions were extremely leading and mis-leading as usual…” we were told.

The questions solicit voters’ opinions on the Mayor and City Council members, SunCal, AUSD, Protect the Point, Action Alameda, Alameda Point Info and Save Our City! Alameda.

The poll also queries whether or not the voter has heard of SunCal’s initiative on Alameda Point – and here’s the leading part of the survey – asks if voters would vote “yes” or “no” based on a long list of empty promises by SunCal about schools, parks, jobs, a sports complex, etc. etc.

The survey also asks questions about what opponents to SunCal’s initiative have said, and asks where voters get their news from – Action Alameda News, the Don Roberts TV show, the local newspapers, regional newspapers and so on.

6 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – Another Misleading SunCal Telephone Survey in Progress

  • Well, well – checking out the opposition, they are. At least the opposition is coming to their attention. Frankly, after everyone sees what a soulless hellhole the Alameda Landing is, perhaps they will be ready to put a stop to these rapacious, tasteless, quality-of-life resistant developers. And the broken promises and huge debts they leave behind.

    I’m still having a hard time believing Alamedans are really as parochial and naive as Sun Cal thinks they are. I’m right about that, aren’t I? Aren’t I?

  • Detailer

    What is interesting about D.E. Shaw, the money behind this development, is that historically they have been into quantitative analysis only. Hiring only number crunchers. Throwing money at a problem because their quantitative analysis shows lots of money spent will win the battle.

    That’s what this phone survey is, an expensive push poll to try to change the voting numbers.

    Let’s hope the people who care about qualitative analysis of what is good for Alameda prevail.

  • observer

    I’d say they are extremely well informed about the opposition, given the specificity of the questions. So well informed that one imagines they are relying on a city hall insider to craft the questions.

    This “survey” is a way to collect the data necessary for a sophisticated tactical marketing campaign. SunCal hopes to quantify the various information conduits so they can manipulate us, the prospect.

    I’ve never liked being manipulated. I hope they call me.

  • barb

    I like being manipulated. I hope they call me. Can I manipulate back?

  • fabio

    This sounds just like the push poll they used last time. The people on the phone on the last one were deceptive. Worse, they were calling from another state and couldn’t even tell me where Alameda was on a map.

    It didn’t work then, and I don’t think it will will work now.

  • JDB

    After their fourth call, I finally spoke to a “supervisor”. I asked “Who is paying for this survey?”. Same answer as the workers, EMC research. BTW the calls are on my cell phone.

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