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National Eat-In Potluck at Franklin Park

The National Eat-In Potluck
Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2009
Gather with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors – and people across America in a national day of action to support Good, Clean and Fair Food in our schools.

Paru at San Jose Ave. in Alameda
Time: 11AM – 2 PM

To raise awareness at the local level of a national growing movement to provide school children with healthy lunches, Slow Food Alameda is hosting the Alameda Town Eat-In Potluck and reaching out to everyone in the community who cares about the well being of our children: parents, family members, teachers, librarians, doctors, school administrators and board members, civic leaders, community organizations and churches, and the kids themselves.

Sadly, the City of Alameda let Revolution Foods – a provider of healthy school lunches, and the winner of the grand prize in the 2007 Global Social Venture Competition – slip away from Alameda Point. They were using the former on-base McDonalds location to prepare their meals for area schools, but as they grew, the found they had to move away from Alameda. Despite all of the vacant buildings at Alameda Point, the City of Alameda evidently couldn’t find a new Alameda Point home for Revolution Foods, and they moved to Oakland, taking their jobs and healthy-food-for-kids spirit with them.

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