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A Deeper Look At The Planning Board’s Notification Amendments Part 2

By Erica Madison

The Planning Board’s Staff wants to make the notification process easier, by doing away with notifications.

The Planning managers Andrew Thomas and Jon Biggs have proposed cutting cost to the design review process, by getting rid of the classification.

Their reason?

Under the current Municipal Code the Planning Board staff is not required to notify the public that there is an application under review or when a Final Decision has been made. So instead of trying to find a way to notify the public as they have with the major design, they want get rid of the minor design review classification.

What seems to factor into this decision is the cost the applicant assumes, when submitting an application. Currently a Minor Design review cost $270. If it takes more than two hours for the Planning Board Staff to review the project, then the Planning and Building department ends up subsidizing the project.

On the other hand, a Major design review cost $369, and the cost of notifying the public is billed against the $369. However the Minor Design review is a flat fee, which makes it more cost effective to do away with the classification altogether.

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