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Hundreds of Alameda Residents Ask for Their Name to be Removed From the SunCal Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative

Protect the Point starts effort to ask residents to remove their names from the proposed initiative to develop Alameda Point

The opponents of the proposed SunCal Initiative have gathered 520 signatures from local residents requesting that their names be removed from the petition circulated by professional signature gatherers this past spring.

Reyla Graber said of the effort, “With the City Manager saying that the City has not been able to negotiate in its best interests, and because of the overly aggressive nature of the SunCal signature drive, people are grateful for the opportunity to remove their names from the initiative. Many residents feel like they have been misled.”

She went on to say, “We want to give residents an opportunity to remove their names from this risky and costly proposal.”

“We had twenty-one volunteers out last weekend” said Dave Needle who also said “Our goal is to have a similar number of people out every weekend until Suncal submits its petition.”

If residents want to remove their name from the petition they can download the form at and submit it to the City Clerk’s office.

Protect the Point is a citizen group made up of groups and individual opposed to the SunCal development. While the members of this campaign represent many views on the future of development in Alameda the group is united in its opposition to the SunCal deal for Alameda Point. For more information please visit or

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