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Alameda Man Dies While Competing in Mount Shasta Triathlon

The Siskiyou Daily News is reporting that Alameda resident, Lor Porciuncul Jarin, collapsed and died during the swimming portion of the Mount Shasta Tinman Triathlon on Sunday.

According to the report:

Lor Porciuncula Jarin, age 51 of Alameda, Calif. reportedly collapsed during the swimming portion, when he began to struggle in the water and rolled onto his back.

According to the release, triathlon organizers had two boats in the water, and they pulled Jarin from the lake and immediately took him to shore, where an ambulance crew, who was on standby for the event, started CPR.

The ambulance crew continued CPR until they arrived at Mercy Medical Center Mount Shasta, and CPR was then continued at the hospital. Jarin could not be revived and was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

The Siskiyou Daily News further reported that this is the first fatality in the Triathlon’s 26-year history.

An anonymous commentator on the Siskiyou Daily News’ web site suggested that “this story has been mis-reported” and claimed that her brother and another spectator jumped in the water to safe Mr. Jarin.

1 comment to Alameda Man Dies While Competing in Mount Shasta Triathlon

  • Neil

    I’m 25, I met Lor when I was prolly about 14 at the alameda gym, he took me and afew of my friends who were working out for the football team under his wings, for weeks he gave us tons of do’s and don’ts of lifting weights, I would always see him around town and he’d always stop and ask how I was doing. One hell of a guy.