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Bike Alameda’s Jon Spangler on SunCal’s Payroll?

We keep receiving un-confirmed reports that Jon Spangler, of Bike Alameda, and a general community activist, is on SunCal’s payroll. Spangler is well-known – well, to us anyway… – as an activist in Alameda and a proponent of high-density development for Alameda and as a proponent of SunCal’s plan for Alameda Point. If he’s on their payroll, his first payment would have had to come after June 30th, 2009, the cut-off for SunCal’s last public campaign filing. If Mr. Spangler would like to confirm this, we’d be happy to publish it.

8 comments to Bike Alameda’s Jon Spangler on SunCal’s Payroll?

  • Jon Spangler

    Dear AA,

    I do not know where you have heard these rumors, but they are untrue. I have spoken with Pat Keliher and attended meetings with him many times, and I support SunCal’s revitalization plan for Alameda Point, but have received no remuneration for any of my efforts on behalf of their project. (It would not bother me to be paid for editorial services rendered to Suncal if that came to pass, but that has most certainly not happened.)

    For the record, you do not serve the public interest or your own credibility by publishing half-truths, rumors, or biased questions like these. You should “do your homework” by gathering actual information and not wasting your reader’s time by posting half-asked questions instead of verified answers.

    The traditional journalistic standard used prior to reporting anything (in print or on the web) is to verify it with two independent and reliable sources. Since my phone number is public, you could have answered your question (and saved yourself all the trouble of posting an erroneous rumor) with a simple local call. And you would have received the same answer from anyone at Suncal.

  • Jon Spangler

    PS–I have no official role with BikeAlameda other than as a member and volunteer, although I was a member of the first BA board many years ago. I endorse and have spoken in favor of the Suncal development only as an individual, in case you want to check the public record. I have never spoken publicly represented BikeAlameda in any discussions of the Suncal development, and have only supported the revitalization as a citizen.

    You should check your facts and the public record regarding individuals’ group affiliations and their roles before posting rumors about local organizations and their members. Not checking the public record first just shows laziness or sloppy work on your part.

  • Jon – the reports we have were that you uttered the statements yourself, that you were being paid by SunCal.

    We would have been happy to have called you directly to verify the reports, but you have been so rude to us online, repeatedly, and made so many personal attacks against us, in various forums, that we felt little interest in initiating direct contact.

    As for SunCal, they don’t return our calls, so we don’t bother calling them. In any event, it’s clear that nobody can trust what SunCal says anyway. Today, at the Webster Street Jam, they were telling people that “BART is coming to Alameda” – there are only the vaguest of plans for bringing BART to Alameda – in 2040, long after SunCal’s time horizon for building-out Alameda Point.

    The total record is here for everyone to see – the rumors, and your denial of them. You should be thankful for the invitation and opportunity to publicly refute the rumors that are circulating by word of mouth.

    Thanks for reading Action Alameda News!

  • Jon Spangler

    I have not been uncivil to you, only disagreed with you–strongly and repeatedly. I am sorry that you feared talking to me so much that you never had the opportunity to find out the truth.

    Had you simply called, I would have been happy to put the inaccurate reports to rest that your “sources” heard. I have no reason to be untruthful with you or anyone about such things. (And I most certainly would contact you directly before publishing (as fact or query) any rumors about someone in AA being in someone’s employ.)

    Perhaps you should not be such a prisoner of your own fears of people like me who disagree with you. I have been and will continue to be civil to members of AA, even if expressing my strong disagreement with your programs, tactics, or (in this case) your veracity.

  • The record shows something different Jon.

    And we published the rumor as just that – rumor – not fact. Something we heard from multiple independent sources. And we expressly invited you to confirm or refute it. And seeing as how you’ve just written how you wouldn’t be “bothered” by being paid by SunCal to promote their project, there’s obviously no harm that can come to you from publicly seeking clarification on the rumor. So you can stop your grandstanding and false outrage.

  • Anonymous

    I have known Jon Spangler since the third grade. Jon and I are often on opposite sides of an issue. We have agreed to disagree over the years. I have come to respect his right to his opinions and his integrity. It is sad that there are those in his area of operation who feel so weak in their argument that they are wont to make character attacks like calling someone a “poopy-head payola grabber”!

  • Ah… typical of this crowd in Alameda – more anonymous vitriol…

    It turns out that SunCal listed Jon Spangler as one of their “advisors” for their local front group. So it turns out that Jon Spangler IS working for SunCal after all. It’s just a question of whether and how much he’s getting paid to do so now…

  • Jon Spangler

    I think I recognize “Anonymous” as a long-time friend who lives far from Alameda. He is a military veteran who deserves our utmost respect, and who has mine. He is also an extremely private person, for reasons best known to him.

    All of us who serve as SunCal’s “advisors” and are members of Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization do so without pay, with the exception of one or two folks like Doug Linney who are paid for their professional services. (I am not paid.) Otherwise we are volunteers and are simply doing what we feel is best for our City and community of Alameda without any remuneration. Period.