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Poet Honored By China’s President To Appear At Webster Street Jam

Mary Rudge, Poet Laureate of the City of Alameda, will present Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan, on the Poets Stage opening at Alameda’s Webster Street Jam festival at 10 AM, Saturday, September 12.

Dr. Fan, who divides his time equally between mainland China, Taiwan and international travel, is promoting a poetry form he invented, called Hsinku. Dr. Fan is an international statesman, poet, artist, best selling author and father of computer science in China. The Chinese president Hu Jintao recently acknowledged Dr. Fan for his acclaimed new poems “Crossing the Straights.” Two of Dr. Fan’s poems were read in a recent speech by the president.

Dr. Fan is touring the San Francisco Bay Area and speaking on his best-selling book “Poetic Management” and on the subject of New China’s 60th anniversary.

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