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Alameda Point Collaborative Webster Street Jam Booth Sponsored By Catellus

At this weekend’s Webster Street Jam, the Alameda Point Collaborative Booth – which also hosted the Ploughshares Nursery and Cycles of Change, was sponsored by land developer Catellus.

When asked about the Catellus banner displayed at the back of the booth, representatives explained that Catellus was a sponsor. Questions about the nature of the relationship between Catellus and the Alameda Point Collaborative were re-directed to Executive Director Doug Biggs, who was unavailable. Mr. Biggs is also listed on their website as a member of the Board of Directors for HOMES Alameda, a local group promoting SunCal’s initiative for Alameda Point.

Alameda Point Collaborative and Cateelus at Webster Jam

APC and Catellus at Webster Jam

Alameda Point Collaborative and Catellus at Webster Street Jam

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