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Revitalize Alameda Point – Sierra Club Urges Alameda City Council to Consider an Alternative to SunCal

In the July-August-September 2009 issue of the Yodeler, the newspaper of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Club urges Alameda City Council to “consider an alternative ballot measure to SunCal’s initiative.”

The news item, signed by Alameda resident and Sierra Club member William Smith, who repeatedly presents himself as Alameda’s representative within the Sierra Club, although no such official position exists, notes that:

SunCal’s initiative raises complex environmental questions. The initiative would make possible, but not guarantee, that the development of Alameda Point would comply with the Club’s vision for a more sustainable community there.


The initiative would give SunCal so much discretion that is impossible to forecast the extent to which the development would implement the Club’s vision.

It closes by calling readers to action to “Urge the [Alameda City] Council to consider an alternative ballot measure to SunCal’s initiative.” Readers are invited to contact Misha Rashkin via a San Francisco Bay Sierra Club ( email address.

6 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – Sierra Club Urges Alameda City Council to Consider an Alternative to SunCal

  • Detailer

    Local Sierra Club chapters throughout the State of California have been infiltrated by pro-development types and by dumb people manipulated by developers lobbyists, as part of a concerted effort to misappropriate the Sierra Club’s trade name, and to misrepresent the vision of the actual entity.

    As a result, while some of the quotations from this fellow sound reasonable, they don’t sound like the authentic Sierra Club national non-profit corporation’s point of view.

  • Jon Spangler

    While I have concerns about the way Suncal’s initiative was written and some of its provisions, I am still very much in favor of Suncal’s proposal to execute Peter Calthorpe’s excellent plans at Alameda Point.

    While I am a friend of William Smith’s, a fellow Sierra Club member, and an occasional collaborator with him on Sierra Club and other projects in Alameda, I disagree completely that a competing initiative should be placed on the ballot in Alameda. My reason is that he City of Alameda and Suncal are in continuing negotiations over the many complex details of revitalizing Alameda Point, including the ramifications of the Suncal-sponsored initiative and its wording.

    There may be ways in which some of the concerns of the Sierra Club (to which I have belonged since I was 12) and other groups can be met satisfactorily through dialogue and negotiation, a superior means of resolving problems compared to choosing between competing ballot measures on the too-long-awaited peace conversion of the former Alameda Naval Air Station.

    These are my own individual thoughts and comments, not those of the Sierra Club, Suncal, the Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization, BikeAlameda, the City of Alameda Chamber of Commerce, the Democratic Party, BikeAlameda, the Alameda Daily Noose, or any other organization to which I might happen to belong or might admire…. :-)

    Jon (who has not been paid to write any of this, either…)

  • barb

    Is placing volleyball courts, tennis and softball in the wind tunnel created by the estuary really world class planning?

  • Jon – where is the evidence of the City of Alameda “thoroughly vetting” SunCal and DE Shaw as you keep claiming on other forums? From what I recall, Council directed city staff to work up a detailed report on DE Shaw, which was never produced.

    Where is this supposed thorough vetting???

  • RM


    Glad to see you’re still posting, because I too am looking for the answer to my questions to you. On Michelle Ellson’s blog on 9/4, you wrote that SunCal and D.E. Shaw had been “fully vetted by the City of Alameda.” I responded to this twice, but have not had your response.

    So, once again:

    I want to know who did this “vetting”. If elected city officials, which ones?

    If city staff employees, which ones?

    Who did they deal with at D.E.Shaw?

    Questions, questions, which need answers.

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