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Protect the Point Calls on Alameda Mayor and City Council to Oppose SunCal’s Alameda Point Initiative

Protect the Point announced yesterday that they have taken out an advertisement in the local Alameda print newspapers, calling on the Alameda City Council to take a position against SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization initiative.

What follows below is the full-text of their press release, and the open letter to Alameda City Council that is in the advertisement.

Alameda—The opponents of the proposed SunCal Initiative have placed advertisements in the Alameda Journal and Alameda Sun asking the Mayor and City Council to join them in opposition to the SunCal initiative.

Reyla Graber said about the ads, “With just twelve days until the deadline for SunCal to submit signatures, now is the time for our elected officials to pick a side on this initiative”.

An electronic copy of the advertisement is attached to this email.

Rosemary McNally said about the campaign “In recent weeks Protect the Point has gathered hundreds of signatures of residents who want to remove their name from the SunCal Initiative, talked to thousands of voters, and now placed these ads. Our group is dedicated to running an aggressive and successful campaign. We hope the Mayor and City Council will join our effort”.

Protect the Point is a citizen group made up of groups and individuals opposed to the SunCal development. While the members of this campaign represent many views on the future of development in Alameda, the group is united in its opposition to the SunCal deal for Alameda Point. For more information please visit For additional information about SunCal’s ballot initiative, please also see

Text of the advertisement:

Protect The Point
An Open Letter to our Mayor and City Council Members

Now is the time to decide if you will support the SunCal initiative, which our City’s Manager states will take away our ability to “negotiate what we think is in the best interest of the city.” * Or you can oppose this risky and costly measure and work for a development plan that will revitalize Alameda Point.

Like many residents of Alameda, we want to see Alameda Point cleaned-up and put to productive use. The SunCal initiative does not do this. Its proposal is fundamentally flawed.

The SunCal initiative:
➤ Legally allows the developer to let Alameda Point remain as it is for twenty-five years and fall into disuse.
➤ Takes away the City’s ability to negotiate key portions of the development agreement, like the height and
density of buildings.
➤ Could cost Alamedans hundreds of millions of dollars.
➤ Creates tremendous gridlock and traffic problems.
➤ Potentially leads to legal challenges from surrounding communities.
➤ Will sidestep the normal scrutiny and safeguards put in place by the citizens of Alameda.

SunCal has had 27 projects enter into bankruptcy and has stated repeatedly that it will sell the Point piecemeal to other developers without any City oversight or control.

Now is the time for you to act. As our elected leaders, join us in opposing this flawed proposal. Any proposal that will take control of Alameda Point from the residents of Alameda cannot move forward. This proposal, which will create massive gridlock and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, must be stopped. We are not opposed to development at the Point. We, and other residents like us, are more than willing to work with you, City staff, and other members of the community to develop a positive plan for Alameda Point.

Please join us in opposing the SunCal proposal, and then let’s get to work revitalizing Alameda Point.


Protect the Point

For more information please visit

* “Changing the Rules at Alameda Point”, East Bay Express, June 24, 2009.
Paid for by Protect the Point FPPC#1318258

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