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Revitalize Alameda Point – Oakland Hills Resident Files $115 million Claim Against SunCal and Lehman Brothers

Donald Mitchell, of Oakland, who we reported on last week, has filed a claim with U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for $115 million against SunCal/Lehman Brothers for the “extreme and imminent danger” at SunCal’s stalled Oak Knoll Naval Hospital project.

We’ll have the full text of the letter up later, but here is an excerpt:

As follow-up to my letter dated September 2, 2009 detailing the extreme and imminent danger which exists at SunCal/Lehman LLC’s Oak Knoll property, I filed today, on behalf of Sequoyah Hills Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association, approximately 4,500 residents living in close proximity to the former Oak Knoll naval hospital, and the City of Oakland in general, two claims with the United States Bankruptcy Court/Southern District of New York against Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., in the amount of $115,000,000 for the extreme hazard that exists at Oak Knoll as a result of SunCal/Lehman LLC abandoning the property last year in violation of city ordinances and federal statutes.

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