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Full Text of $115 million Claim Against SunCal and Lehman Brothers for Oak Knoll

As promised, here is the full text of the letter and claim sent to Oakland City Officials and U.S. Bankruptcy courts to file a claim of $115 million against the failed SunCal Oak Knoll Naval Hospital development in the Oakland Hills over an “imminent and severe” fire threat from the partially demolished buildings at the site.

[Editor Note – it’s already happened here in Alameda! Catellus, with their failed Alameda Landing project, left us with the asbestos-laden former army medical depot which burned to the ground earlier this year, spewing contaminants into the air, and sticking the City of Alameda with a bill for $1.5 million to clean it up.]

Note the letter, around Page 13, from City of Oakland Officials, and dated June 12, 2009, to SunCal, and copied to SunCal reprepresentative Pat Keliher of the Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, ordering SunCal Oak Knoll LLC to abate Habitability Hazards, such as cutting and removing weeds, grass and overgrowth, removing all trash, rubbish and construction debris, applying for demolition of building structures, and maintaining the premises free of blight conditions.

2 comments to Full Text of $115 million Claim Against SunCal and Lehman Brothers for Oak Knoll

  • Stan

    Maybe we can rid this state of Suncal!

  • anonymous

    Turn a part of this site over to the Oakland Zoo and preserve the histoic “knoll” as open space. Neighbors are fighting with the zoo over expansion needs and less than a mile from the zoo is this big space that needs to be put to good public use – not more high density houses far away from public transit and almost on top of the Hayward fault.