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SunCal’s Dead Oak Knoll A Fire Waiting To Happen

Oakland Hills residents and Oakland City Council members agree that the stalled SunCal Oak Knoll Naval Hospital redevelopment project is a fire waiting to happen.

Oddly, Oakland City’s Attorney told Oakland City Council that Oakland can’t use redevelopment money to clean-up private property. But somehow, in Alameda, the City of Alameda is doing just that – spending over $1.5 million to clean up the former Army Medical Depot at Alameda Landing that is Catellus’s responsibility…

2 comments to SunCal’s Dead Oak Knoll A Fire Waiting To Happen

  • barb

    Do you have a citation or reference to the City Attorney of Oakland’s opinion that redevelopment money can’t go to clean up private property? If what you say is correct, maybe the citizens can bring an action to get the money back from Catellus.


  • No – it was a statement by an Oakland City Councillor – no citation. So far as I understand, it should be the same issue at Alameda Landing as at Oak Knoll – the developer had secured the entitlements to the land…

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