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Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization is a Front Group For SunCal

SunCal appears to be trying to gin up some support for their flagging Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative by creating a false-front citizens group called “Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization.” Alameda voters received a mailing from the group last week, and the return address is the one for SunCal’s rented office space at Alameda Point.

The return address on the envelope is 851 West Midway, Alameda, CA 94501, which we reported previously is the address for SunCal’s presumed campaign office in Alameda. The citizens listed on the mailer are the same list of usual suspects that have been pushing for high-density development at Alameda Point for some time.

The mailing says that their “plan to revitalize Alameda Point is based upon input from the citizens of Alameda over the course of many years. It will clean up the toxins at the site to a safe standard.” Of course, both statements are a lie at worse, or a mis-characterization at best.

The plan that was based on input from the citizens of Alameda is the 2006 Preliminary Development Concept. But SunCal threw that out almost immediately upon engagement of the project and arrived at their current proposal largely through a series of three highly choreographed public meetings over the span of twelve months or so.

As for the toxins at the site – it is the U.S. Navy that is obligated under federal superfund law – not SunCal – to clean-up the toxins in the soil. And the Navy is cleaning up according to the plans for less than 2,000 homes at Alameda Point in accordance with the 2006 Preliminary Development Concept. Much of the land where SunCal ultimately wants to build homes will be cleaned-up by the navy to a lesser “commercial use” – not residential use – standard.

It seems safe that Alameda residents can simply dismiss “Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization” as merely another campaign tactic from a struggling SunCal.

3 comments to Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization is a Front Group For SunCal

  • Stan

    Not the first time they have done this by forming a phony front group. They did it in Anaheim and New Mexico.

  • This story is 100% on the mark. I hope the citizens of Alameda can see through all of the “BS” that these groups continue to put out. Sun Cal projects are going “belly up” all over the place, you can research it for yourself. Sun Cal needs to make back some of the money they invested, and fast. Thats why they are in such a hurry to build homes on this land. Even if the ground is only cleaned to commercial grade not residential for homes! The former Alameda Navy Base is a superfund (toxic) clean up site, lets slow down with the building homes plans until this place is cleaned up. Problem is, will it ever realy be cleaned up? I dont think so.

  • Here’s a link for posterity (below.) Note it’s the same Pat Keliher of SunCal so exuberant at over-paying for the Oak Knoll property.

    SunCal paid over $100 million for it – our sources say it was worth maybe $30 million at the time. Even sources quoted in the article below were astounded at the price SunCal bid.

    When SunCal fails in Alameda – and they will – there will be a bunch of guff about the “naysayers” bringing them down. They clearly brought themselves down by over-extending on projects like Oak Knoll and breaking Lehman’s Brothers’ bank. No wonder Lehman wants nothing to do with them through the bankruptcy proceedings.