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Revitalize Alameda Point – Alameda Chamber of Commerce Opposed to SunCal’s Ballot Initiative

In a press release issued today, the Alameda Chamber of Commerce announced their formal opposition to SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative. We provide the full text of the release below.


(Alameda, Calif.)–September 21, 2009–The Alameda Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors just voted against a proposed ballot initiative to develop Alameda Point, a former military base that takes up approximately one-third of the island.

In May 2007, the city selected SunCal Companies as the master developer for the 770 acres at Alameda Point. Recently, SunCal circulated a petition that would place their development plan on an upcoming ballot for Alameda voters.

“We like SunCal’s ambitious plan to develop Alameda Point, but we don’t like this initiative process,” said Alameda Chamber Board President Blake Brydon. “There are already processes in place for these types of long-term developments, so trying to bypass the system by ballot box is not good for Alameda. It created a long term financial risk to businesses and residents.”

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce will hold two community meetings to discuss the specifics of Chamber Board’s decision on Thursday, October 8th from 8:00 am – 9:30 am and later that evening from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Cardinal Point, 2431 Mariner Square Drive. Seating is limited, so please RSVP to the Alameda Chamber office at: 510-522-0414. This event is open to the public.

“Prior to the Chamber Board decision, our government relations and economic development subcommittee held a series of informational meetings with SunCal, their opponents, and city representatives to get a better understanding of this complex issue,” said Alameda Chamber CEO Melody Marr.

The Alameda Chamber Board expressed concerns about the following points within the initiative as it is written: The initiative reduces funds typically available to the City during redevelopment by providing the developer(s) the right of reimbursement or offset against property taxes and fees. (i.e. $82.4 million in fees and revenues that would ordinarily be collected from the developer on the proposed development and investments made in basic infrastructure such as streets, utilities, and fire station and equipment costs) The initiative diverts current Point lease revenues used to fund police, fire and other infrastructure services at the Point to the developer.

ABOUT THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Founded in 1929, the Alameda Chamber of Commerce is devoted to promoting a strong local economy; representing and advocating on behalf of business; providing opportunities to build relationships and delivering programs to help businesses grow. Today, the Alameda Chamber is 500+ members strong.

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2 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – Alameda Chamber of Commerce Opposed to SunCal’s Ballot Initiative

  • It looks like the Chamber saw through some of SunCal’s many lies. The lie, for example, that SunCal keeps spouting about Alameda Point not generating any revenue – The city budget adopted in August shows $13 million in lease revenue from tenants at Alameda Point.

  • barb

    The Sierra Club and the Alameda Chamber of Commerce are two professional, informed, diverse and independently motivated groups. Both have spent a great deal of time within their respective organizations reviewing the SUNCAL Initiative in meticulous detail. Both have come forward with concerns and or opposition to the SUNCAL Initiative. The Sierra Club urges consideration of an alternative ballot measure to SUNCAL’s initiative. The Alameda Chamber of Commerce has performed an outstanding service to the citizens in suggesting that this sort of development should not be dealt with by Initiative. Thank you to both for your efforts and insights!