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Revitalize Alameda Point – Another Blow for SunCal

SunCal suffered another blow yesterday in their campaign to develop Alameda Point when it was revealed that the Obama Administration opposes a bill in congress that would remove restrictions on the Navy and other armed services to sell closed military bases for fair market value.

In his bill, HR2295, California 17th District House Representative Sam Farr (Dem.) proposed striking the “fair market value” language from a law enacted in 2002 and instead allow no-cost transfers of closed bases to developers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a big proponent of the law, as it would impact Treasure Island in San Francisco, but it would apply to Alameda Point too.

In various reports, Dorothy Robyn, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for installations and the environment said that the Obama administration does not support Farr’s proposal because local redevelopment agencies could “flip valuable properties they obtain at no cost for profits that can be used for purposes unrelated to redevelopment of the property” and that the bill “could create potential windfalls for certain communities with high value property, and for private sector developers working with those communities, at the expense of other communities where the Department of Defense might otherwise be able to accelerate environmental cleanup.”

Yup, that sounds like Alameda local redevelopment agency, alright. And it sounds like SunCal, whose signature gatherers lied to voters about the clean-up progress at Alameda Point.

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