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League of Women Voters Meeting: Is Alameda Going Bankrupt?

Readers sent us this notice of a League of Women Voters meeting tonight about the City of Alameda’s financial health, and the question of whether or not the City is headed in the same direction as Vallejo (bankruptcy.)

REMINDER: League general meeting open to the public
Thurs., Sept. 24, 7-9 pm, Alameda Free Library, Stafford Meeting Room

o Is Alameda headed down the same path as Vallejo??

o What lies ahead for our City’s financial health?

City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy will present highlights of “The Long Range Financial Forecast, 2009-2010”. Commissioned by the City Council, this report serves as a guideline on how Alameda can live within its means, maintain its economic health, and avoid filing for bankruptcy as the city of Vallejo has done.

What the League isn’t telling Alameda residents is that the alarm over Alameda’s potential bankruptcy was sounded earlier this year, by Save Our City! Alameda, with their local television ad, below. It was this ad that shocked Alameda City Council into action, and forced them to actually pay attention to the City budget for a change, and ask hard questions of former City Manager Debra Kurita.

It was this television ad that forced the City of Alameda to commission the Fiscal Sustainability Committee to try to identify a path avoiding bankruptcy, one that City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy will present in his forecast tonight. If not for the actions of Save Our City! Alameda, tonight’s discussion may well be about an unavoidable bankruptcy looming over the City of Alameda.

4 comments to League of Women Voters Meeting: Is Alameda Going Bankrupt?

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  • RM

    I was there for this presentation tonight, and believe that hearing it and discussing it should be a prerequisite for voters in Alameda.

    The information is beyond priceless.

    Kevin Kennedy, the City Treasurer wants to give his presentation so that everyone can hear it.
    If your readers belong to an organization and want
    to hear it, please call Kevin Kennedy.

    He did not address SunCal. Even without SunCal’s bad deal for Alameda, this city is not looking good financially.

    Thank you, Action Alameda for sounding an alarm months ago, long before anyone else about a potential financial disaster.

  • barb

    Can Action Alameda and all the other media make space available for Kevin Kennedy’s presentation so that those of us who rely on the media can become better informed?

  • Yes. If we can get a copy of the presentation that Kennedy is using now. We have a copy on file from his previous rounds of presentations a few months ago.