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San Francisco Chronicle Covers SunCal Oak Knoll Fire Waiting to Happen Story

The chronicle has a story by Chip Johnson today about the perceived “severe and imminent” risk of fire at SunCal Oak Knoll – the redevelopment project for the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. SunCal’s not entirely in the clear – their man, Pat Keliher, SunCal’s Oakland-based V.P. of Operations, of Revitalize Alameda Point fame, was copied on the City of Oakland’s “order to abate” the fire hazard, about which, neither SunCal nor Lehman has done anything, according to Oakland Hills residents.

Technically, Johnson got it wrong – it’s not a “lawsuit,” it’s a claim with the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. But the point is that the neighbors feel they are at risk, and are justified in pursuing both SunCal and Lehman Brothers’ subsidiaries – the ones that still have billions of dollars – to mitigate the fire risk at Oak Knoll.

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