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Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Sticks San Clemente With Bill for Children’s Playground

The San Clemente Times is reporting that the City of San Clemente is now going to pay for a playground that was originally to be funded to the tune of $600,000 by SunCal. According to the Times, San Clemente Councilmember Wayne Eggleston is opposed to the use of tax dollars for the park because “This is supposed to have been funded with developer funds and private funding.”

The Times article notes that “Courtney’s Sand Castle” was originally to be built as part of SunCal’s Marblehead Coastal project, and funded with $600,000 of SunCal money. Last year, the East Bay Express reported that the wheelchair-accessible park was to be named after an area girl who has spinal muscular atrophy. But the Marblehead project was upset when SunCal’s sole-source capital partner, Lehman Brothers, filed for bankruptcy in September, 2008. To this date, SunCal is fighting to keep from getting squeezed out of dozens of California projects, including Marblehead, that Lehman financed.

The park that the City of San Clemente funds will be a much smaller vision than SunCal’s promise – gone are the “costly water features” and on-site restroom. (Although, they might be built in a future phase, City budgets permitting.)

For Alameda Point, SunCal is evidently relying on a single-source capital partner as well, DE Shaw.

2 comments to Revitalize Alameda Point – SunCal Sticks San Clemente With Bill for Children’s Playground

  • barb

    Excellent work ACTION ALAMEDA. This article and its links should be required reading of all registered voters.

    The fact that the linked articles span a period of several years allows readers to instantly gain the perspective of hindsight that other communities have had to come to grips with in their dealings with SUNCAL. And to see how easily SUNCAL spins and spits out words and promises that simply don’t come true. Time after Time.

    Why would anyone contract with SUNCAL to do anything? No prudent person would contract with SUNCAL to do a large scale repair on her home provided this information and SUNCAL’s record.

    They brought in goats at Oak Knoll and sheep at Marblehead. What does SUNCAL have up its sleeve for Alameda Point?

  • Barb,

    Would you say that SunCal is a Baaaaa, Baaaaa, Baaaad deal for Alameda?

    Oops! Sorry – I guess that’s “sheep” not goats…. :)