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Another $500,000 to Clean-up FISC Fire Debris

Tonight, Alameda’s City Council members, sitting as the Alameda Re-use and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA), will consider a request from City staff to spend another $500,000 – on top of the roughly $1.5 million spent already – to abate the emergency condition posed by the buildings at the site of the former army medical depot hospital, which burned on March 29th, 2009, in what has become known as the “FISC fire.”

The staff report explains that the concrete structures that remain are not stable enough to allow teams to enter and remove asbestos from pipe lagging, floor tiles and other materials. Cattellus, the developer for the site, which was to be known as “Alameda Landing” had prepared a demolition plan for the entire site. But the, the global financial crisis struck, putting Catellus’ plans on hold, and then the fire struck, sticking Alameda taxpayers with the bill for clean-up and demolition.

The $500,000 will come from ARRA lease revenue, which totals roughly $12 million per year from the dozens of businesses across the former Naval Air Station Alameda – now Alameda Point – such as Rock Wall Wine Company, who pay the City for space, and employ roughly 1,200 people at the West end of Alameda.

After the fire, West-end Alameda residents launched a website called “Alameda Army Medial Depot Fire” to capture concerns about asbestos and other toxins released into the atmosphere during and as a result of the fire.

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