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Miss Alameda Jamaican-American Jessica Robinson vies for Miss California USA Title

Twenty-five year-old Jessica Robinson, born in Oakland to a Jamaican father and American mother and raised in Alameda, has been selected as the Miss Alameda candidate for the 2010 Miss California USA competition.

Ms. Robinson is the daughter of Jamaican reggae musician George Robinson, who performed in the 70’s with his band “George and the Wonders.” Her mother, Pamela, was a New York-born, Caucasian, West Coast reggae music promoter who worked with artists such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and others. Pamela and George met via the reggae music industry and raised Jessica in Alameda, and both passed away before Jessica’s 21st birthday. A more detailed biography is provided on the Jamaican American Association of Northern California website.

Jessica is a model, entertainer and actress, and responded to a call for participants from the Miss California USA organization issued through the casting website she is registered with. “I responded, and submitted an application,” she said, “and went through a couple of in-person interviews, and they accepted me! We decided it was appropriate to use the title Miss Alameda because of my roots here.” The day after Action Alameda News interviewed Jessica, she was scheduled to fly down to Palm Springs to shoot promotional photographs for the 2010 competition.

Photo by Tomas VAN HOUTRYVE

Photo by Tomas VAN HOUTRYVE

A graduate from San Francisco University, (B.A. in Performing Arts and Social Justice), Jessica has never been in a pageant before. “I just kind of took a leap of faith that this might be a way to further my goals in life and what I want to accomplish” she said.

And ambitious goals they are. “I’m all about life, and people surviving and striving and growing. I’ve overcome strong odds myself and I hope to be able to touch children’s lives.” Jessica hopes to become a spokesperson for organizations on environmental and children’s education issues with a view towards passing to future generations a clean environment and the best education possible. She hopes the competition will give her the exposure and audience to talk about issues she cares about most.

Photo by Tomas VAN HOUTRYVE

Photo by Tomas VAN HOUTRYVE

Oprah Winfrey is a role model, as is Tyra Banks who “helps a lot of women with self-image issues.” She also looks up to Vanessa Williams and Halle Berry as “beautiful, intelligent, strong African-American women who have had successful careers in the entertainment industry. I have looked up to them since I was a child.” Jessica also mentioned the work of Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie as inspirations. And she noted that Winfrey, Williams and Berry were all state pageant winners before going on to entertainment careers.

Jessica is currently single – “I have to be single to enter the competition!” But no boyfriend? Easy fellas… “I’m single. And focused.”

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