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Estuary Crossing Problem Solved!

We think we’ve found a solution to the estuary crossing challenge! The Python or Gator watercars seem purpose built for the problem! All we need are matching watercar ramps at Alameda Landing and Jack London Square!

The roughly $200 million or so for a “big bridge” estuary crossing would buy roughly 1,000 watercars which could be put up for lottery for Alameda residents living west of Eighth Avenue/Constitution Way. SunCal might even want to look at a cost comparison between building levees for Alameda Point,or distributing watercars to their planned Alameda Point residents. (Hint: They would need to buy them only for folks living on the second floor or higher.)

Incidentally, with this heavy rain passing through the Bay Area, Action Alameda News is looking at a watercar just for getting around town…

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