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Action Alameda Secures Removal of SunCal YouTube Videos for Copyright Violations

Late on Tuesday evening, Action Alameda submitted complaints to YouTube over pro-SunCal videos that blatantly violated our copyrights by reproducing entire portions of our own YouTube videos. The videos included a link to SunCal’s Alameda Point Community website. We also sent notice to SunCal of the copyright violation. By 6:30pm yesterday, the videos were “no longer available due to a copyright claim by Action Alameda.”

The Action Alameda videos that were infringed upon are embedded below. The intent of the infringing videos was clear – they were intended to create confusion among Alameda residents and voters between our videos and the pro-SunCal message of the infringing videos.

We have also reproduced screen captures of the closing frame of the videos in question, to illustrate that the copyright infringing videos were clearly intended to drive people to SunCal’s website. (We assert the doctrine of “fair use” in these reproductions, as we are using only a brief excerpt in a news report. SunCal did not respond to our email. We would like to hear from the rightful owner of the videos in question so we can make a point to ask for permission to reproduce these excerpts.)

Video Number 1

Video Number 2

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