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“Trauma” to Film at Alameda Point This Month

Sources have told Action Alameda News that through the hard work of Film Commission members, members of the film industry throughout California, external support from federal congressional leaders and letters of support from the community, “Trauma” has received an approved film permit and will film at Alameda Point this month.

4 comments to “Trauma” to Film at Alameda Point This Month

  • barb

    Action Alameda take some credit here. Your efforts have contributed to this. Can we expect to see you as a “victim” in the show?

  • Naw… but expect a “correcting” press release from City Hall or news story in other media that will attempt to repair the image of City Hall West.

  • Jayne Smythe

    Lauren Do’s making Leslie Little come out smelling like a rose, and everyone else is a chump! Can’t any of these other folks involved say something to blow the lid on this?

    Who runs this PM Realty outfit, anyway?

  • Well, of course! That was completely expected. It’s hard to tear down the aircraft hangars and build condos at Alameda Point when the hangars are being used for movie production.

    PM Realty is a property management firm hired by the City – by Leslie’s redevelopment services department to “manage” the lease of the space out there. They get paid a % of the rent collected.

    By the way, the SunCal line that Alameda Point is not productive is baloney – there’s $12 million to $14 million in lease revenue generated out there, and PM Realty gets about $2 million of it in management fees each year. (The lease revenue goes to ARRA, not the CIC, and not the General Fund.)

    By all accounts we’ve heard, from different sources, PM Realty doesn’t really do much except provide a mail slot to drop off a check and harrass tenants for being late on payments.